My first real kiss

Did you know you have my first kiss? My first real kiss? The first kiss that my lips felt and knew this was it. They knew that yours were the lips that belonged on mine, that felt right on mine, that felt good on mine.  Not necessarily, a physical kiss. A kiss smooth on my mind, something to soothe my wondering thoughts. Something to ease me when I’m stressed, calm me when I’m troubled. The first real kiss to stimulate my brain, my first real kiss, not only something mental, but physical too. All my first real kisses are held by you. When your lips meet mine, something happens in my chest, something opens up to you and I begin to lose my grip on the harness riding the back of my ability to control myself. The ability to control the movements of my body or the words from my lips. You’ve given my body the first kiss, and all the kisses before this, have been proven to be false placements of lips, because you see this, this kiss that you have given me proves all others wrong. You hold the first kisses of my mind, body, and soul, and baby I want these kisses to be the only kisses I feel for the rest of my life. I want your kisses baby, to be my first and my last. Your kisses have shown me love, and this love found in each of your kisses, I want to keep it. Forever


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